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Are you in the market for a dream?

Welcome to the Cloud Curio, a veritable host of treasures both wondrous and strange, enough to dazzle the eye and stagger the imagination.


Contained within are all manner of tabletop roleplaying game supplements: items, monsters, weapons, spells, plot hooks, adventures, and more.

Everything in the Curio is designed to be system neutral and easily adaptable to your favorite ttrpgs. Each of our releases contains notes and options on how to use it in your games!

Cloud Curio Crew


Amber Seger

Art Director & Graphic Designer

Amber is a UX certified graphic designer, instructional designer, and illustrator. When they're not playing TTRPGs, Amber is losing lots of Magic the Gathering games, knitting, or thinking about goblins.

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Kenny Webb

Managing Editor & Designer

Kenny is a writer, editor, illustrator, and podcaster. He's into deathtrap dungeons, Magic: The Gathering, golf (club and disc varieties), FromSoftware games, League of Legends: basically any medium designed for maximum anguish. You can find his podcasts at Geekspective.

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Sally Tamarkin

Designer & Editor

Sally is an editor, writer, and sensitivity reader. When she's not playing TTRPGs, she enjoys reading about cults and hanging out with her best friend, television. Sally has a master’s of social work in community organizing and co-hosts the podcast Oh, I Like That.

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Kyle Latino

Cartographer & Artist

Kyle is a human man from earth.  He's an artist for TTRPGs and teaches illustration and game art at Columbus College of Art and Design. Check out his instructional YouTube channel, Map Crow, or podcast, Splatbook, which covers game design and art topics.

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Cloud Curio Collaborators


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John MarkS


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Victoria Rogers


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David Joyce


TTRPG illustrator + comic fan

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Hailee Smith


illustrator + wyrmologist

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