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We are beyond thrilled and delighted to conclude our first major crowdfunding campaign by meeting our funding goal, and then some.


Thank you so much for your support. We’re excited to move onto the next phase of work on MONSTROUS and to get this book we love so much into your hands.

You can follow along with the project via the Kickstarter Updates!

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Designed and drawn by hardcore monster enthusiasts, MONSTROUS is the Game Manager’s go-to reference for telling better stories through monsters.

In it, Kyle "Map Crow" Latino’s lavish illustrations bring to life dozens of classic monsters from myth, legend, and high-fantasy RPGs.


The bad guys in this book have been remixed by the designers at Cloud Curio so their rich backstories tie directly into their motivations and actions. You can build a campaign around them or drop them into an existing one.


Additionally, each type of monster will have a workbook page for Game Manager's to design their own versions of these flavorful monsters for their homebrew games. MONSTROUS focuses on flavor and narrative impact and is compatible with any fantasy roleplaying game.

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No. I shall not accept death. I shall not submit to decay, these vulgar processes. With patience I shall wrest understanding from senselessness, as water from the stone. And when I have ground all wisdom from the stones, their dust will commingle with the marrow of your bones. I will wring that grist of its meager worth and pray it may serve a nobler purpose—mine.

If you create your own FORM of a Lich,

please share it with us on social media.


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MONSTROUS began as a video series on the YouTube channel Map Crow! If you want to see the early creative directions the team is exploring for this project, check out the Building Better Monsters Playlist! The Map Crow channel is run by Kyle Latino, an artist and professor in Columbus, Ohio. His videos are approachable educational resources on art and game design.

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