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Room: The Board Room

Greetings, folks! I'm excited to share our first ever Medium-size release, The Board Room by Kenny Webb!

Medium-sized releases will typically be rooms, dungeons, cities, and small games ranging from 14-22 pages in length. Since these take more time and contain more content, we are selling these releases for only $5 on our itch.

Thank you for your support!


The Board Room

Tags: board games, puzzle-solving, exploration, combat (optional), quirky mastermind villain

Chandeliers and torches bathe this sprawling, cross-shaped chamber in a soft yellow glow. A checkered marble floor, polished to a high shine, reflects life-size game pieces. With your first step into the room, the pieces spring to life, sliding silently across the tile. Whether you wish to play by the rules or not, the game has begun.

The Board Room is a life-size board game standing between the PCs and their goal: a shortcut through a lair, audience with an important NPC, a hidden cache of valuable art, you name it.

The downloadable accessible pdf contains a beautiful 14-page zine a detailing system neutral dungeon room you can drop into your TTRPG campaigns or one-shots. It includes rules for an actual board game where the PCs are the pieces and the dungeon is the board, plenty of GM Tips, and 2-pages of suggested lore.



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