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Welcome to the Cloud Curio!

An androgynous figure stands to the right, smiling beneath a towering top hat. They are beckoning the viewer towards a large ornate wooden curio cabinet on wheels that is to the left. They hold a key aloft in their left hand and with their right they gesture toward the curio from which clouds and trinkets spill. Several small round cloud sprites joyously cavort around the figure and cabinet.
Art by Kyle Latino

Greetings, traveler! Welcome to the Cloud Curio, your destination for wondrous items of all kinds!

Step right up to my humble shop, and don’t mind the cloud sprites, they’re perfectly harmless. What can I get for you today, my friend? I have all manner of wonders great and small on offer.

Look here, a bestselling novel that happens to be written by a future version of you. And here we have a Scroll of Concretizing, very useful for combating ethereal beasts or abstract ideas. Where did I leave the Origami City? A sprite folded it up into a secret drawer no doubt. Or perhaps you’re seeking a greater challenge? I happen to have a sale on this Rose Garden Sphinx, quite fresh. Ha! Very good!

An explorer such as yourself must always be in the market for a dream. Everything in my store is ready-to-use in any quest you might find yourself on, though I do include special instructions with each product on how to use it should you encounter a Dungeon or a Dragon, one can’t be too careful you know.

Not to worry, my friend! I’m sure my wagon and I will find our way here again soon…


Cloud Curio is a TTRPG publishing company focusing on the whimsical, wondrous, and weird. Amber Seger and Kenny Webb began conceptualizing this project in December 2021 and what started as a small personal endeavor began to quickly evolve into something much larger.

As they planned, they realized they lacked certain sets of skills and also…starting a company with two people ain’t easy! Thankfully they were able to recruit two amazingly talented and wonderful people, Sally Tamarkin and Kyle Latino. With those additions to the team, the Cloud Curio Crew was fully formed!

So what is Cloud Curio producing?

Before our first content release, you can look forward to a Table Top Babble podcast interview of the Cloud Curio Crew and long-form biography blog posts of the Crew!

Then starting June 1st, Cloud Curio will begin releasing content every other week. Much of our content will be small releases. They can be any one of the following types (as of now):

  • Item

  • Monster

  • NPC

  • Plot Hook

  • Spell

  • Weapon

Eventually, we will have larger releases which we will discuss more in a later post.

All of our releases are designed to be system neutral with optional ready-to-use D&D 5e rules.

Accessibility, usability, inclusion, and diversity are also built into our overall design ethos. This means all of our art will have alt-text, we will have printer-friendly options, the graphic design is built on user-experience principles, and as we grow and fill the Cloud Curio, we will strive to be a place that brings different voices and perspectives to the TTRPG industry.

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