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Broken & Sleeping Hearts: Zine Quest 2023

This is Cloud Curio’s first ever crowdfunding project! Broken Heart of the Castle and Sleeping Heart of the Garden are homebrew-ready, system-neutral adventures full of exciting story beats, intriguing NPCs, fascinating locations, and menacing threats.

Broken Heart of the Castle is a gothic fantasy adventure steeped in mystery, romance, and tragedy. Players can expect to meet fascinating humanoid and bestial NPCs and be presented with opportunities for creative problem-solving.

Tags: NPC love story, body horror, dungeon crawl, exploration

For centuries, the Walking Castle has terrorized the villages of the Lowlands with the erratic energy of a brokenhearted teen. Trudging through the countryside on four colossal legs of solid stone, the castle carves a wandering path of destruction, aimlessly plowing forests, fields, and homes. The locals have long accepted that crushed taverns and ravaged farms are a part of life in the Lowlands. Three weeks ago, however, the Walking Castle for the first time turned toward a densely settled area—the capital of Bells Fall, igniting the ire of city leaders and terror in residents. You have five days to mount and infiltrate the Walking Castle, unravel its mysteries, and stop the castle before it destroys Bells Falls.

Sleeping Heart of the Garden is a pastoral fantasy adventure that drops you into a world of exploration, discovery, and ritual. Players can also expect combat and puzzles in a magical countryside.

Tags: rural setting, lighthearted, exploration, story-driven environmental puzzles

In the capital city Dragonsong, the explorers guild known as Rhapsody Roads offers highly skilled adventurers a chance to undertake especially dangerous—and especially rewarding—missions. You have accepted such a mission: to travel to the Deep Woods and retrieve the mythical Fruit of Dreams, and return it to Rhapsody Roads for a handsome reward. Will you be able to make your way out of the Deep Wood with the Fruit of Dreams intact? Or will the Deep Woods claim you and your companions, dooming you to forever wander its depths?

We designed these adventures so that with some prep, you can run them in whatever system you choose. You can create your own threats, traps, and so on from scratch, import readymade ones from your favorite splat books, or do a mix of both. To support your prep, we've included workspaces for your notes and ideas throughout each adventure. Our hope is that these adventures offer rich, immersive worlds that GMs can homebrew within.

For more information about the reward costs, project delivery, and shipping, please go check out our Kickstarter page! We're very excited about these two adventures and your interest and support means the world to us! Thank you!

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