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Item: Celestial Chorus

Radiant light pours out of a small wooden open ring box . The sides of the box feature carvings of intertwining ivy and roses, perhaps forming subtle hearts.
Art by David Joyce.



We warmly welcome Victoria Rogers and David Joyce as Cloud Curio’s first guest designer and artist, just in time for the culmination of Spooky Season!

Celestial Chorus is the third and final entry in a trilogy of connected pieces: an NPC, a plot hook, and an item, all of which together tell a tale of haunted romance.

At the end of this three-act drama, stay tuned for a 1-page adventure incorporating all three of Victoria’s pieces!

You can find information for all of our collaborators here.


Title: Celestial Chorus

Short description: A small wooden ring box with a red velvet interior. Carved into the sides of the cube are intertwined strands of ivy and thorny roses.

Flavor text: Love is a brilliant melody, a chorus of celestial voices rising together in tender harmony. A joyous heart cannot help but join the song.

Tags: wondrous item, very rare, single use (requires attunement)

When opened in the presence of a minimum of two people in love, a radiant glow emits from its velvet interior.

The sound of a celestial chorus fills the immediate area, causing all of those with love in their hearts to confess their feelings to each other.

(Be sure to check with your players beforehand what kinds of love are within and without limits!)

A deep-seated sense of joy fills those who witness the effects of the box.

Cost: priceless


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