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Plot Hook: Predilection for Love

A busy village is bathed in the light of a full moon. The center of the town is dominated by a jagged stone covered in arcane writing. Superimposed over the village are the faces of a vampire and a werewolf, their fangs bared.
Art by David Joyce.



We warmly welcome Victoria Rogers and David Joyce as Cloud Curio’s first guest designer and artist, just in time for the culmination of Spooky Season!

Predilection for Love is the second entry in a trilogy of connected pieces: an NPC, a plot hook, and an item, all of which together tell a tale of haunted romance.

At the end of this three-act drama, stay tuned for a 1-page adventure incorporating all three of Victoria’s pieces!

You can find information for all of our collaborators here.


Title: Predilection for Love

Short description: A vampire and a lycanthrope are destined to cause havoc in a nearby settlement. The prophecy is written in stone in the center of town.

Flavor text: If the future is based on the acts of people, then perhaps you can knit the threads of fate.

Tags: plot hook

An old woman, constantly seen knitting, is worried for her friends, the vampire Leticia and lycanthrope Brynn. She’s afraid their relationship will suffer if they do not talk about the tender moment they shared on the eve of the last full moon.

The old woman fears that if her stubborn friends don't confess their feelings to each other, tragedy is inevitable. You see, the old woman has reason to believe that Leticia and Brynn are the vampire and lycanthrope who, according to an ancient prophecy, will soon rain destruction on the town and its residents.

She believes that she can change the destiny of everyone involved if she can just get this stubborn pair together. She asks that the party persuade Leticia and Brynn to meet at Handfast Hill.

"The meaning of such a place will not be lost on either of them," the old woman says.

If the party is polite, she will offer them a magical trinket of celestial origins as a thank you gift.


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