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Cloud Curio Crew: Amber Seger

Hello! I’m Amber Seger and I use any pronouns. When in doubt, y’all can default to “they”.

I’m the art director, graphic designer, and co-owner of Cloud Curio as well as the project manager and business person.

Inside of me is a roiling mass of goblins wearing many different hats. The goblin wearing the writing hat is best at making lists. He is currently in charge.

  • Childhood. Around ten years old, I began to draw all the time. I have a suitcase full of my FFIX, Pokemon, and Naruto original characters, OCs if you will.

  • After College. I worked at a newspaper as a copy editor, then I went on to work in the child safety product industry for 11 years where I managed the development of North American instruction manuals and labels for five product categories across multiple brands.

  • TTRPGS. I’ve been playing TTRPGs since college. D&D 3.5e was my first experience and the third campaign I was in lasted for seven years. We were a party of evil-aligned characters which was...a trip! I started GMing about four years ago and I host an actual play podcast called Shapeshift that captured 80% of my GM journey. My current favorite TTRPG is Ryuutama.

  • Freelance. I’ve been doing freelance graphic design and illustration on various projects ranging from logos to layout for clients such as Zweihander, Flames of Freedom, Fat Magic, and Teatime Adventures. I was the lead illustrator for Adorablins, a Powered by the Apocalypse card game geared toward children and new roleplayers that recently funded on Kickstarter. This was a momentous project for me because I illustrated every single visual in the game!

  • Kobold Press. In March of 2022, I joined the Kobold Press team where I work full-time supporting the art director with book layout for print and pdf. I also design social media graphics and merchandise.

  • Cloud Curio. I like making things and I really like making things with my friends. I want Cloud Curio to be a place to have fun, experiment, and make content that is unique and pushes expectations. I have lots of dreams and plans for Cloud Curio that I cannot wait to start setting in motion, including collaborating with other artists, writers, and designers.

List complete? List complete-ish. Nice to meet you! Writing-hat goblin is just as bad at ending blog posts as podcast-hat goblin is at ending podcasts…soooo UH LINKS AT BOTTOM FOR ALL MY THINGS! Thank you for being here! I hope you enjoy all that Cloud Curio has to offer!

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