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Cloud Curio Crew: Kenny Webb

A headshot of Kenny. He is posed like the Twitch LULW emote, head cocked back and laughing heartily. His long hair is swept to his right and the sides of his head are shaved. He has a prominent Roman nose.

Name: Kenny (he/him), designer, managing editor, and co-owner of Cloud Curio.

Alignment: Chaotic neutral.

Class & Level: BA in English Studies, MA in English (Composition and Rhetoric).

Background: Freelance TTRPG editor and illustrator. Credits include: designer of deathtrap dungeon modules Fortress of the Ur-Mage, Maze of the Elder Brain, Murder of the Maelstrom Queen, and Colossus of the Shattered Moon, as well as The Lich’s Vault, an item card compendium for Dungeon World.

Skills: Writing, editing, illustration, podcasting, instruction.


  • Punch-Up Guy. When someone hands me an idea or a text, I bring it to the next level.

  • Namer of Names. When provided with a concept and a context, I provide the perfect name regardless of what it is I’m naming. A game, a story, a character, an organization, you name it. Or rather, I do.

  • Competitor. I live for the thrill of competition. Not that I’m unable to take a loss, mind; look at the games I play and you’ll know. But I always look to become great at what I do, work or play.

Other Proficiencies: League of Legends, Magic: The Gathering, Golf (Disc and Regular), Tennis (Table and Regular), Bloodborne, Board Games.


  • Creativity. I believe making things creates wonder and brings people together.

  • Reason. I believe careful thinking dedicated to the truth is necessary for positive change.

  • Play. I believe play is not just a diversion, but a worthy endeavor in its own right.

  • Self-improvement. I believe that whatever I do, I must strive to consistently improve.


  • Awful at self-promotion.

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