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Cloud Curio Crew: Kyle Latino

Black and white headshot of a white man from the neck up. His head is tilted back, eyes wide, and his mouth is crammed full of way too many pencils.

Howdy! My name is Kyle Latino (he/him) and I draw made-up phony things to help people play pretend games!

Artist. I didn't go to school for art until my mid 30s. For most of my life I was just tracing over trading cards and drawing my own superheroes. I grew up wanting to draw for Marvel Comics, but ended up falling in love with self-publishing my own projects! The comic I am most proud of is The Savage Beard of She Dwarf, which is about the last dwarf on a quest to discover the fate of her people. I've also drawn maps and illustrations for TTRPGs such as Zweihander Starter Kit, Flames of Freedom, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, and Old School Essentials.

TTRPGs. I started playing games in middle school by GMing for Dragonball Z: The Anime Adventure Game. It was not a great game from what I remember, but we didn't let the limitations of the rules keep us from a good time. I like to believe that my scrappy attitude of side-eying the rules and saying, "You can't tell me how to have fun" is a spirit of play that I keep with me to this very day.

Teaching. More recently, I've been releasing tutorial videos for illustration and game design on my channel, Map Crow. Also, I am a professor of 2D Game Art at the Columbus College of Art and Design. I view my teaching practice as an essential component to my growth as an artist.

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